Floricultura Dott Damonte cultivates and produces flowering plants with manual processing, constantly controlling the quality of each product during all growing phases.

The Damonte family company moves its steps at the beginning of the last century with the cultivation of vegetables and legumes destined for a national sale. With the arrival of the 80's and the third generation, the company became a floriculture producing potplants of various genres. Thanks to a mild Mediterranean climate and constant attention to the needs of the customers, Floricultura Dott Damonte started to export his products in other country.

Today, the company offer a bigger assortiments of products destinated to the the Italian and European markets , but always with the same focus : grow a quality product quality and care of the details


Producer of potplants from 1980 and still with the same passion, the passion to grow high quality plants.


We are used to work with transport companies specialised in the transport of flowers and plants. Their professionality is your guarantee for the conditions of your ordered products.


The good quality of our products is the result of daily attention to our production .We mostly work manually so we are able to check and guide the production.